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2022, an analogue reflection

Happy holidays! Here in the Netherlands, today is "Tweede Kerstdag" or "Second Christmas," and I'm happy to be spending the day with my family.

2022 has been another exciting year. I started off in the Netherlands, focusing on growing my graphic design business and performing in a pantomime. In the spring, I was accepted onto a PhD programme, which allowed me to move back to the UK in September. I'm now living in Cornwall, which I love (despite it being a massive pain to get to Falmouth from anywhere else in the country). Brett and I survived our first full year of doing long distance, and got to spend a lot of time exploring new places together on a number of wonderful trips. We have a lot to look forward to in 2023, including moving back to Exeter in September, where I'll be starting my PhD and Brett will be finishing his!

Like I did at the end of 2021, I wanted to take this opportunity to share some of my favourite medium format photographs that I've shot over the last year. Most of the photos below were shot on my Lubitel 166B twin-lens reflex (TLR) camera, but a few were shot on my dad's Hasselblad. Like last year, the black and white images were developed and scanned at home, while the colour images were developed in the lab.

Unfortunately my TLR malfunctioned while we were on our Interrailing trip, which is why there's only a handful of photos from our biggest adventure of the year. I was heartbroken that my favourite film camera was broken, so I was thrilled when it started magically working again a few months later (just minutes after a film camera repairman told me it wasn't worth paying to have it fixed). As I wrote last year, it's not the best film camera out there, but it's the one I have, and I love the photos I can capture with it.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed shooting them!

self portrait at Duivenvoorde, Voorschoten
30 January – Self-portrait at Duivenvoorde, Voorschoten

Springtime analogue self portrait
22 March – Self-portrait with flowers

Analogue self-portrait
23 March – Self-portrait in the Amsterdam Bloesempark

Analogue portrait in Leiden
27 March – Portrait of Brett in Leiden

Erasmusbrug, Rotterdam, shot on film
8 April – Erasmusbrug, Rotterdam

Foggy morning in Dartmoor forest
17 April – Foggy morning on Dartmoor

Self portrait on film on Bovisand Beach
20 April – Self portrait on Bovisand Beach, Devon

Powderham Castle shot on film
24 April – Powderham Castle

King's Day in Amsterdam on film
27 April – Orange tulips in Amsterdam on King's Day

Pink tulips fields near Lisse
30 April – Pink tulips fields near Lisse

Self-portrait reading in the park
2 May – Self-portrait reading in the park

Canal houses in Amsterdam, shot on film
15 May – Houses in Amsterdam

Vondelpark on fim
15 May – Vondelpark in the sunshine, Amsterdam

Amsterdam on film
15 May – Amsterdam canal on a spring day

Red moped in Den Haag on film
21 May – Red moped in Den Haag

Analogue self portrait
22 May – Self-portrait at Amsterdam film photography meetup

Den Haag Stadhuis on film
24 May – Den Haag Stadhuis (City Hall)

Foggy mountains in the Austrian Alps on film
28 May – Foggy mountains in the Austrian Alps

Analogue portrait in the Alps
28 May – Portrait in the Austrian Alps

Grawa Waterfall, Austrian Alps on film
28 May – Grawa Waterfall, Austrian Alps

28 July – Statue at "Brutus" art exhibit in Rotterdam

Shadows at the Maratine Museum, Amsterdam
7 August – Shadows at the Maritime Museum in Amsterdam

Liege train station on film
13 August – Shadows at the Liege train station

Rotterdam skyline on Ilford HP5 Plus
31 August – Sunny day in Rotterdam

1 September – Cocktail hour

Great Molunan beach, Cornwall, on film
24 September – Great Molunan beach, Cornwall

Colourful boats in the Newlyn harbour at sunrise
24 October – Boats in the Newlyn harbour at sunrise

Cafe in Paris on Kodak Gold
28 October – Cafe in Paris

Panthéon, Paris on medium format film
28 October – Panthéon, Paris

Penryn harbour at golden hour on film
30 November – Penryn harbour at golden hour

Sending love to you and your families this holiday season. I'm looking forward to seeing what 2023 has in store!




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