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Where we're dreaming of...

Being back in lockdown (aka. scrolling through Instagram and watching Youtube videos) is helping to inspire many future adventure plans. From major trips, such as visiting the "Wanaka tree" in New Zealand or the Lofoten Islands in Norway, to locations closer to home such as Bath and Snowdonia, we've spent many hours dreaming of the adventures we'll have together once it's safe to do so again.

While our adventure bucketlist seems like it may be never ending, here are the top three locations we're feeling most excited about right now...

1. Hartland Peninsula, Devon & Cornwall, UK

With current restrictions on the use of public transport, we're missing our hikes along the South West Coast Path. The 65 km coastal walk between Bideford in Devon and Bude in Cornwall is at the top of our adventure list because it's the most realistic of our future plans. While a multi-day camping trip will definitely prove challenging in the bleak weather of a British winter, we're hoping to be able to achieve this sometime before the end of March 2021. Passing through the picturesque town of Clovelly before eventually reaching the impressive Speke's Mill Mouth Waterfall (which looks like it belongs in Iceland, not Devon), this stretch of coastline is appealing for numerous reasons and we can't wait to get back out and explore.

2. Isle of Skye, Scotland

A little bit further from home, we're dreaming of getting the chance to wild camp in Scotland. The West Highland Way is definitely on the bucketlist, but our hearts are set on exploring the Isle of Skye. Whether it's done entirely on foot is yet to be determined, but we're looking forward to photographing the magical Fairy Pools and watching the sun rise at the Old Man of Storr.

3. Zion Valley National Park, Utah, USA

As the uncertainty of what our lives will look like in 2021 looms, we've been enjoying planning our dream road trip across the American southwest. Maybe it's the grey Exeter days, but we're yearning for expanses of red rock under vast blue skies and crisp, clear nights where we can photograph star trails from the comfort of our tent. Utah is the focus of our attention at the moment, with plans to visit the impressive Zion Valley National Park, along with the Bonneville Salt Flats and the Fifth Water Hot Springs and Falls. With such a long road trip in the plans, it may be time to start pulling together a banging playlist...

Photo by Dave Herring on Unsplash

It's a weird world right now, isn't it? We're all so used to making travel plans, yet in the midst of a global pandemic, with government guidelines and regulations changing week-to-week, planning anything more than a couple days away seems almost pointless. Yet just because our plans will likely change countless times before they come to fruition doesn't mean we can't use this time to dream of new adventures, to make tentative plans for new places to explore.

Other places on our travel bucketlist:

  • The Faroe Islands

  • UK: Bath, York, Isles of Scilly

  • Basically anywhere in Switzerland

  • Spain: Picos de Europa National Park, The Pyrenees

  • Italy: Cinque Terre National Park

  • California: San Diego, Big Sur, Yosemite, Death Valley

Where are you planning your next adventure?

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