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About us

Self portrait at Lydford Gorge

We're scientists and photographers who love outdoor adventures. You can often find us exploring somewhere new, carrying way too many cameras!

Hi! We're Veronica & Brett!

Our story

We met in September 2019 at the University of Exeter's Expedition Society. Our first proper adventure together was an ExSoc camping trip to North Devon, where we learnt we could rely on each other even in difficult situations. 

After dating for less than six months, we spent four months living with Veronica's family in the Netherlands during the first coronavirus lockdown.

In September 2020, we moved in together in Exeter for six months. Since then, we've been life partners and adventure buddies, navigating the challenges of a long distance relationship. 

North Devon coast path

While travel was disrupted during the pandemic, we spent a lot of time exploring local stretches of the South West Coast Path. The trail took us down to picturesque coves and up to dramatic clifftops. And so the idea of 'Coves to Cliffs' was born. The name of our blog, but also an outlook on life: you can't always see what's around the next headland, but more than likely, there will be both coves and cliffs – periods of rest in between challenging climbs. Just keep on walking. 

Sustainable storytelling: living our core values

Traveling in style on the Thalys


Our PhDs are both related to climate change, so we feel driven to minimise our environmental impact, both at home and while traveling. We are strong advocates for train travel and we always adhere to the Leave No Trace principles. 

Self portrait in Bodie


As a blogger, it's temping to get sucked into the world of SEO and affiliate marketing. I value authentic storytelling over what's likely to be most successful on Google or social media. More than anything, I want this blog to be a collection of memories and stories, not yet another marketing tool. 

Get to know us...

Film cameras

About me

Hi, I'm Veronica, the founder and manager of Coves to Cliffs. I'm an environmental social scientist, a photographer, and an adventurer. I'm currently in the first year of my PhD at the University of Exeter, where I'll be researching visions for the future of food production in the UK. To see my photograph work, feel free to check out my portfolio. And to get a taste of my writing style, check out the blog

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