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Off on an adventure!

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Just dropping in for a quick update...

It's been awhile since we last posted! On the 21st of June, we said goodbye to our lovely flat in Exeter and traveled to San Diego, where we've been staying with Brett's family. We've had an amazing time exploring together, but the real adventure is just about to begin...

...because tomorrow morning we leave for our 12-night camping trip! Over the next two weeks, we'll be driving up the eastern side of the Sierra Nevadas, stopping for 2 and 3-night camping trips along the way. It's our longest adventure together yet and will be the most camping either of us will have ever done!

Somehow, amongst the busyness of exploring San Diego, we still found time to purchase the new kit we need for our trip (a.k.a spending way too much money at REI). We'll be bivy camping for the first time together, and while we'll be sacrificing the comfort of a tent, we're looking forward to waking up completely surrounded by nature. We've tested out our new equipment, have marked our routes on the maps and have finally started packing.

We'll be camping in five different areas, plus staying at a hostel for a night in Bishop. We're also excited that friends will be joining on two of our camping trips. The areas we are headed look incredibly beautiful, and we've stocked up on film to make sure we can capture the magic of the mountains in both colour and black & white. Altitude sickness and wildfires are two of our main concerns, but we're both feeling ready and excited to leave the city and head to the mountains.

We look forward to sharing our adventures with you when we return.

Until then, enjoy your summer!

Veronica & Brett

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