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Springtime in Cornwall: in photos

As much as I enjoy the summer months, spring is my favourite season.

I love the colours of the flowers and the soft, bright green leaves that appear from the bare branches of trees. I love those days when you first feel the warmth of the sun on bare skin, when you can finally leave the house without lugging around an extra sweater incase it gets cold. I love the longer days and the sound of the dawn chorus as the sun rises.

While the last few months have been overshadowed by countless university deadlines, I have enjoyed getting to spend some time outside appreciating the beauty of Cornwall as life re-emerges after a long winter. I've enjoyed camping on the South West Coast Path, fire-pits on the beach, and swimming with friends in the sea. While I finish writing up some blog posts about some recent adventures, I wanted to share some of my favourite photos from my first Cornish spring.

These photos have been taken across a range of locations, from the tropical Penryn campus and the enchanting Bluebell Festival at Enys Gardens, to idyllic coves and beaches along the South West Coast Path. Despite the often dreary weather (England had its wettest March since 1981), I hope you also had a chance to enjoy some sunshine this spring!

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